Heat Pump Service in Chester County and Pennsylvania

When you think of green heating and cooling solutions, you probably don’t think of a mechanical technology that is over 60 years old. Heat pumps were first installed for large-scale heating and cooling in 1951, the same year Oxford Plumbing & Heating began serving our Chester County and PA neighbors. Today, heat pumps are a standard part of many residential and commercial climate control systems, providing all-season comfort with less energy use than other HVAC options.

How Do Heat Pumps Save Energy?

Instead of producing heat by burning fuel, heat pumps efficiently pull heat from the air, a water source or the ground and transfer it to produce the desired indoor temperature. The technology is the same as the cooling process in refrigerators. In warm weather, heat is extracted from interior spaces by a circulating refrigerant. The refrigerant passes through a condenser and heat is exhausted to the outside. In cold weather, the process is reversed and ambient heat is extracted from an exterior source and used to warm the interior. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heat pumps produce heating and cooling for as little as 25% of the energy costs of furnaces and conventional air conditioners.

Today, innovation keeps heat pumps at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. Dual-speed compressors, variable-speed motors, programmable thermostats and system-compatible indoor air quality equipment are recent improvements that continue to enhance heat pump performance and efficiency.

Heat Pump & HVAC Services From Oxford Plumbing

Rest assured, your go-to climate professionals at Oxford Plumbing & Heating stay on top of the latest heat pump developments. Our certified installation and service technicians have the experience to keep your aging HVAC system in peak working order—and the know-how to install the latest industry innovations. Count on our certified team for these HVAC services:

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