Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

You have central heating and air conditioning, so your home should be comfortable all year long, right? Wrong. Indoor climate depends on more than temperature alone. Poorly managed humidity can impact comfort, compromise your family’s health and overwork your heating and cooling systems. The indoor air experts at Oxford Plumbing & Heating install humidifiers and dehumidifiers to regulate the moisture in your home and boost HVAC performance. Call us at 610.932.9503 to schedule a free in-home consultation before you face another muggy summer or dry, static-charged winter.

Humidity Affects How You Feel

What makes your home feel comfortable? The #1 factor, of course, is temperature. With central heating and air conditioning, you can program the thermostat to stay at a comfy 68° in winter and a refreshing 78° throughout summer. But what if those ideal temperatures don’t deliver the indoor comfort you want? Then it’s time to check the humidity. A relative humidity of 45% to 55% is the recommended level for comfort and well-being in most homes. Humidity levels outside this range lead to problems, including:

Too Much Humidity

  • Air that feels warmer & stickier
  • Condensation on windows
  • Growth of mold & mildew
  • Sleep discomfort
  • Increased allergy symptoms
  • Overworked HVAC systems

Too Little Humidity

  • Dry, itchy skin & eyes
  • Air that feels colder
  • Nosebleeds & sinus congestion
  • Respiratory problems
  • Static electricity
  • Peeling paint & cracked wood

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers Keep Air Quality in Balance

You can’t control the climate in Chester County, but with the experts at Oxford Plumbing, you can regulate the environment in your home. When our certified technicians install a high-performance humidifier directly into your home’s central heating system, you can say goodbye to the dry skin and irritated sinuses of winter. Every room in your house will be bathed in just the right amount of moisture to keep heating bills low and indoor comfort high. The Oxford team also installs and maintains dehumidifiers to boost the cooling performance of your central air conditioning system. These AC add-ons eliminate moisture from the circulating air—so your whole house feels cooler, your air conditioner performs more efficiently and your family has fewer allergies from mold or mildew.

Count on the Oxford Plumbing team for these indoor climate services:

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There’s a reason generations of Chester County and Pennsylvania residents have trusted the Oxford team for plumbing and HVAC services: satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. You won’t get any high-pressure sales pitches on humidifiers and dehumidifiers from us; just the straightforward pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. No-obligation, in-home equipment consultations are always free. Schedule online or call Oxford Plumbing at 610.932.9503 to set up an appointment that prioritizes your schedule.