Programmable & WI-FI Thermostats

Gone are the days of stuffy rooms, hotspots and escalating HVAC bills. At Oxford Plumbing & Heating, we’re helping you take control of indoor temperatures, once and for all. For a reasonable investment, our home comfort technicians install smart and programmable thermostats that pair with intuitive companion apps and allow remote temperature adjustment from phones or smart devices. With today’s thermostat technology, you’ll achieve ultimate climate control while managing your home’s energy use.

Advantages of Oxford-Installed Advanced Thermostats

When properly installed and paired with energy-efficient air conditioning and heating equipment, WI-FI thermostats deliver a host of proven benefits:

  • Attractive design. No longer clunky and boxy, today’s thermostats come in a variety of colors with attractive user interfaces and designs to match any home decor.
  • Improved comfort. Programmable thermostats are “teachable.” They adjust to your personal sleep and work schedule and can be programmed remotely when you’re not home.
  • Energy efficiency. Home energy bills make up over 50% of your home’s utility costs. Use your programmable thermostat to lower temperatures when you are away, warm up the house before you arrive home—and track your energy savings, month to month.
  • Simplicity of use. Today’s thermostats are intuitive rather than complicated. With just a few clicks and on-screen cues, you can design programs, override temperatures and get the most from your high-efficiency HVAC equipment. 
  • Emergency notification. Program your thermostat to share notifications about temperature changes, power outages and more.

New Technology, Old-School Values

With over six decades of HVAC and plumbing service under our belts, Oxford Plumbing & Heating is a pillar of the Chester County community. Customers appreciate the Oxford difference for many reasons. First, our team doesn’t work on commission, so you don’t have to endure the hard sell. Throughout the installation or repair process, our #1 goal is to educate you about your options—so we communicate clearly and honestly. Most importantly, we don’t charge overtime rates, so you’ll receive the same upfront pricing during and after hours.

Schedule Thermostat Installation or HVAC Upgrades

Smart home technology is changing the way you experience home comfort. Call 610.932.9503 to request a thermostat consultation or inquire about high-efficiency heating and cooling upgrades. WI-FI thermostats installed by the trained and certified Oxford team offer unmatched temperature precision for a modest price. Most importantly, programmable thermostats help you reduce energy waste and tighten your utility budget—without sacrificing comfort.

Welcome to the Oxford Plumbing & Heating family. We’re revolutionizing home climate and indoor air quality with high-performance products from today’s leading HVAC manufacturers. Get started now: call 610.932.9503 to request a thermostat estimate, report an HVAC emergency or inquire about Chester County and PA HVAC installation. Prefer to connect online? Click here to get in touch.