Chester County and Pennsylvania Water Softeners & Water Treatment Service

Whether you own a well or your water comes from a public water source, Oxford Plumbing & Heating designs home water treatment systems that deliver clean, pure, great-tasting H2O to your sinks. Time-tested devices like water softeners and whole-home purification systems balance your water’s pH, remove chlorine and contaminants, and prevent unsightly mineral buildup around tubs, toilets and fixtures.

Signs of Water Problems

Water quality varies between regions and homes, so your treatment system should be tailored to your water’s unique characteristics. Familiar water issues may include:

  • Undesirable odor or taste
  • Iron, nitrate or sediment buildup
  • Hard water
  • Acid water (low pH)
  • Arsenic content
  • Disease-causing organisms
  • Chemical contaminants
  • High chlorine or fluoride content
  • Brown or black stains on clothing
  • Pipe corrosion or leaks

Providing PA homeowners with water they can trust, Oxford Plumbing & Heating performs no-obligation water testing and recommends filtration, softening, deionization and other personalized treatment solutions. While the EPA regulates water quality, a professional water treatment system can remove specific contaminants, enhance your water’s taste, and protect the health of immune-compromised individuals.

Benefits of Water Softeners

If you’re used to hard water, you’ll hardly believe the difference after Oxford installs your whole-house water softener. Our customers frequently rave about these proven water softener benefits:

  • Shiny, silky hair
  • Soft skin that requires less moisturization
  • Sparkling-clean dishes & silverware
  • Bright, longer-lasting clothes
  • Increased appliance efficiency
  • Improved food taste
  • No more mineral scale & iron stains
  • Clean, scale-free sinks, toilets & tubs

More Water Treatment Services

In addition to whole-house water softeners, Oxford plumbing specialists install and repair these water treatment products:

  • Reverse-osmosis drinking water systems
  • Ultraviolet light purification systems
  • Carbon filtration systems
  • Water neutralizers to correct pH imbalance
  • Well-water filtration systems
  • Bacteria disinfection
  • Backwash filters
  • Under-sink water filters

Experience the Benefits of Healthy Water

Filtered, pH-balanced water comes with many health benefits, including enhanced nutrient absorption, proper detoxification, improved skin and hair texture, and protection from disease. At Oxford Plumbing & Heating, we care about your family. Designing, installing and repairing water treatment systems known for their performance and efficiency, our plumbing specialists provide pricing transparency and follow-through that’s unmatched.

To learn more about Oxford water treatment and water softening equipment, call 610.932.9503 or request service online. Since 1951, Oxford Plumbing & Heating has delivered a premier service experience with every visit, whether you’re a new, returning or long-time customer. Experience the difference for yourself. Join the Oxford family!