Make It a Cool, Cost-Efficient Summer

Stay Comfortable & Save Money

While we’ve waited several (long) months for the return of pool time, barbecues and warm-weather celebrations, it won’t take long to tire of the Pennsylvania heat. With Oxford Plumbing & Heating on your team, you’ll enjoy your summer more—and lament the heat less.

Three Easy Tips to Keep Your Cool This Summer

Before things really heat up, take time to implement Oxford’s three quick tips for enhanced summer comfort and welcome energy savings.

  1. Don’t set your thermostat too low. Contrary to popular belief, setting your thermostat at a lower temperature than required won’t cool your home any faster. Instead, you’ll pay more for AC and shorten equipment lifespan by putting undue stress on your air conditioning system. The Department of Energy recommends setting your programmable thermostat to 78° when you’re home. Raising the temperature seven to ten degrees when you’re away could save up to 10% on energy costs!
  2. Optimize ceiling fan use. reports that properly functioning ceiling fans allow you to raise thermostats four degrees without adversely impacting comfort. While ceiling fans are ideal for rooms where family members spend a great deal of time, remember to turn fans off when the room is unoccupied. Ceiling fans produce a wind chill that cools people, not rooms—so turning them off while you’re away saves money.
  3. Invest in HVAC maintenance. Home HVAC systems can run up to 43,500 hours during a single year. Without dependable maintenance, these systems incur a great deal of mechanical wear, which shortens their life and makes them run less efficiently. Like your favorite car, your HVAC system deserves regular tune-ups—including safety inspections, lubing and cleaning and routine repairs. Oxford Plumbing & Heating provides affordable annual maintenance plans that help you stay cool and comfortable this summer.

Hire the Summer Cooling Specialists

At Oxford Plumbing & Heating, we offer the honest, dependable service that’s tough to find with other home contractors. If no free equipment consultations, NO overtime charges and 100% guaranteed satisfaction sound good—make us your HVAC partner for life.

Before summer’s swelter has you wishing for winter, call 610.932.9503 to schedule an air conditioning tune-up, repair or new equipment consultation. We’ll solve your AC problems fast, getting your home and your schedule back on track before the heat derails your day.