Furnaces & Boilers in Chester County and Pennsylvania

When Oxford Plumbing & Heating began as a family-owned and –operated business in 1951, many area furnaces and boilers were fueled by coal or oil. We’ve seen a lot of changes since then. Heating technology has evolved with cleaner fuels, better insulation and green technology. Today’s gas and electric furnaces can achieve more than 90% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), saving home and business owners money on utilities and cutting harmful emissions by up to 50%.

Furnace & Boiler Efficiency Improvements

Older furnaces and boilers operate with open combustion, a continuously burning pilot light, heavy heat exchanges and little insulation. Much of the heat that is produced is lost before it circulates through ventilation ducts and radiators. New furnaces and boilers benefit from improved combustion, smaller size, better insulation and innovation that includes:

  • Electronic ignitions
  • Lightweight heat exchanges
  • Condensing secondary heat exchanges
  • Sealed combustion
  • Quieter operation
  • Less frequent cycling
  • Variable-speed fan motors

When shopping for a new furnace or boiler, look for the ENERGY STAR® designation to find models that are highly rated for energy efficiency.

Oxford Plumbing & Heating Services

Furnaces and boilers are mainstays of Pennsylvania home and business heating systems, and Oxford Plumbing’s certified technicians are the go-to team for furnace and boiler service. Generations of Chester County and Pennsylvania families have counted on Oxford Plumbing & Heating for these HVAC services:

Schedule Furnace & Boiler Maintenance

Realizing the maximum heating efficiency and money savings from your boiler or furnace depends on conscientious maintenance. Oxford Plumbing & Heating understands how easy it is to postpone DIY chores, so we have the perfect solution: an Oxford Plumbing maintenance agreement. When you purchase one of our affordable plans, we’ll stay on top of seasonal furnace and boiler upkeep.

Before heating season begins, your furnace will be inspected for reliable ignition, safe operating temperatures and proper ventilation. Boilers will also be checked for leaks, lime or rust build-up, and signs of accumulating soot. The systems will be cleaned and adjusted as needed to ensure smooth and safe operation throughout winter months.

Tried the rest? Trust the best. Inquire about Oxford Plumbing’s budget-friendly and convenient service plans by calling 610.932.9503 or scheduling service online. We’ll treat you like family, guaranteed.