Chester County and Pennsylvania HVAC Tune-Ups & Maintenance

Season after season, your HVAC system works hard to keep you comfortable and productive. To maximize its performance and extend its useful life, Oxford Plumbing & Heating recommends regular seasonal tune-ups. Following manufacturers’ service instructions keeps your warranty in effect, and regular cleanings and adjustments prolong the reliable operation of your system. To help Chester County and PA neighbors stay on top of routine HVAC chores, Oxford Plumbing offers convenient and affordable maintenance plans that give heating and cooling systems the TLC they need.

Seasonal HVAC Tune-Ups

Major HVAC equipment manufacturers recommend inspections and adjustments by a certified professional every six to 12 months to keep HVAC systems in tiptop shape. To put maintenance into perspective, consider this:

There are roughly 2,900 heating/cooling hours in one year. Over a 15-year period, that means your heating and cooling system could run for up to 43,500 hours. A car running at 45mph for 43,500 hours would have traveled 1,957,500 miles. Imagine asking your trusty vehicle to perform without a tune-up for nearly 2 million miles. It sounds crazy—and it is. We don’t put this type of strain on our automobiles, and we shouldn’t put this type of stress on our HVAC systems, either.

HVAC Tune-Up Services

When you sign up for an Oxford maintenance plan, our trained and certified technicians perform a fall check-up of your furnace, boiler or heat pump before the demands of winter heating begin. In the spring, we inspect and prepare your AC or heat pump to cool flawlessly throughout the summer months.

During an Oxford HVAC tune-up, our team will perform these maintenance services:

  • Replace or clean system filters
  • Inspect condition of fan belts
  • Calibrate thermostat & check for function
  • Clean burners & check ignition
  • Inspect & lubricate mechanical parts
  • Clear obstructions from vents & outside units
  • Check complete system operation
  • Inspect for leaks & recharge coolant levels
  • Check for build-up of CO2
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Make sure vents are clean & operational
  • Document all performed services

With an Oxford Plumbing maintenance plan, it’s easy to remember when HVAC service is due. Your friendly representative will call to schedule a visit. Now that’s real peace of mind.

Emergency Repairs With No Overtime Charges

There’s no way to predict when a plumbing or HVAC emergency will happen. Even with the most conscientious maintenance, mechanical equipment can break down. Never fear: Oxford Plumbing & Heating offers 24/7 emergency repair service for those unavoidable midnight plumbing and AC disasters. Your 24/7 call to 610.932.9503 puts you in touch with a live Oxford dispatcher. When time is of the essence, we’ll send a certified technician and fully stocked repair van to your location.

We’re a family-owned and –operated company that knows how emergencies can strain the family budget, so our emergency services come with zero overtime charges. That’s right: Repair rates are the same on days, nights, weekends and holidays! Trust Oxford to treat you like family and always guarantee your satisfaction.