Carrier Ductless Mini-Split: Perfect for a Sun Room

Throughout Jennersville, Oxford, Avondale, Kennett and surrounding areas, homes like this quaint Cape-style home often add on a sunroom to take advantage of the spectacular views of nature we have in our area.

While the rooms are beautiful, they often have heating and cooling problems, making them saunas in the summer and refrigerators in the Winter.

That’s a shame because these rooms are often some of the nicest areas to relax and be together as a family.

When the homeowners gave us a call here at Oxford Plumbing and Heating to see if we could help them get additional comfort for their sunroom to make it useable year-round, we knew just what they needed.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation Oxford PA

Problem: Wonderful sunroom was simply too hot in the summer and too cold in the Winter, limiting the use of this space.

Solution: A single zone of Carrier ductless heating and air conditioning will let the homeowners enjoy this room every day of the year, without costing a fortune.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation Oxford PA

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Single-Zone Ductless Mini-Split Installation

As soon as we saw the room in question, we knew that a single zone Carrier Ductless system would be perfect for the homeowner’s needs.

Carrier ductless uses high-efficiency heat pumps with inverter technology that allows them to use the minimum amount of energy necessary to keep a room perfectly comfortable.

In fact, the website states that ductless systems can reduce heating costs up to 60% compared with other electric heating methods like electric baseboard heating people often use for sunrooms or bonus rooms.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Oxford PA

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Systems Heat and Cool

Carrier ductless also works as a heating AND cooling system, providing state of the art air conditioning using 30% less energy than other systems, as well as energy-efficient heating.

The ability to both heat and cool a space makes Carrier ductless systems a perfect choice for sunrooms like this one, or for basements, attics or other hard to heat and cool areas you might have in your home.

Carrier ductless systems consist of two major parts- an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor wall-mounted unit, sometimes called a head or cassette.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Oxford PA

That’s why these systems get the nickname of “mini-splits”- they are small systems, with two parts.

The indoor, wall-mounted units are also super-quiet- operating at 29db- as quiet as a whisper.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Oxford PA

This means you can get the comfort you want, and you’ll never have to worry about noisy, clanky window air conditioners ever again.

The units also monitor the space for temperature and humidity, helping to maintain a perfect comfort balance every day of the year.

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Your Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Experts Here in Oxford, PA

We know the homeowners of this lovely cape home will love the year-round quiet comfort they will get with their new Carrier ductless heating and air conditioning system.

The comfort is unparalleled, but the best part is the low operating costs.

This single zone of comfort can be turned off when not in use or put into power saving mode, meaning the homeowners won’t have to spend money running the system when the space isn’t in use.

Multi Zone Air Source Heat Pump Installation Oxford PA

Coupled with the high efficiency of the system, the homeowners will get the year-round comfort they wanted, but it won’t cost an arm and a leg to operate.

That’s something every homeowner, but especially those on a fixed budget can really appreciate.

If you have a space in your home that’s hard to heat and cool, give us a call here at Oxford Plumbing and Heating.

We can design a Carrier ductless mini-split system for your home to solve all your heating and cooling problems while saving you money on energy bills as well!

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